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Lifespan: 1832 - 1898
Nationality: Russian painter
Gender: male
Collection: 51 paintings

Ivan Shishkin was a Russian artist who was born in 1832 into a merchant family. His first formal artistic training was during his studies at the Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture and later he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. After winning several prizes and scholarships from his schools, he spent three years visiting other countries in Europe and becoming unhappy with the caliber of landscape painting that he saw being created. Upon his return to Russia, Shishkin began a body of work that would grow quite large over his artistic career which spanned around forty years and resulted in the creation of hundreds of Ivan Shishkin paintings, numerous engravings, and drawings numbering easily into the thousands. He became a member of the Academy in 1865 and was elevated to the status of professor in 1873. He is easily considered, even today, one of the nineteenth centuries leading Russian artists. During Ivan Shishkin’s travels in Europe, he worked on the arts of lithography and etchings which would come to have a profound effect on the rest of his work. In Ivan Shishkin artwork was a level of detail that surpassed the highly trained skills of many of the finest engravers of the time. This portrayal of detail was one quality that would show up later in Ivan Shishkin oil paintings of landscapes, allowing for the realistic portrayal of natural settings of Russia. Also while abroad, Shishkin became one of the several founding members of a group known as the Circle of the Itinerants. Later in his career also made the choice to join the group of his countrymen in the Society of Russian Watercolorists. Both of these affiliations served to further the prestige of his reputation and knowledge of his name in important art circles of the era. The vast majority of the oil paintings of Ivan Shishkin were forest landscapes with scenes of sunny and light-filled nature, though some of his darker and winter paintings still exist. However, it is obvious that the preference of Shishkin was for the life-filled and optimistic choice of settings which is often analyzed due to the tragedy and numerous deaths of loved ones that he experienced during this time in his personal life. The method for the creation of Ivan Shishkin paintings was one of careful analysis in order to present all of the details and proportions accurately, in an aesthetically pleasing manner. His works are sometimes considered portraiture of nature due to the extent to which Shishkin studied and understood his subject, as well as the emotion that he allowed his works to portray. Due to these many talents, Ivan Shishkin’s role in the portrayal of Russian landscapes in paintings, engravings, and lithography has become a revered one as the isolated artist found the best qualities to depict in his isolated, yet enduringly optimistic works of art. Some of the most well-known examples of Ivan Shishkin’s works are: Morning in the Pine Forest, View Near Dusseldorf, View of Valaam Island. Kukko., Path in a Forest, At the Summer Cottage, Countess Mordvinov’s Forest,

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