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   Return & Shipping Policy...

   Return Policy...


As per our guarantee, if you are unhappy with the painting we will refund your money. If you receive the painting but are dissatisfied please contact us and tell us you wish to return the painting. Yyou can mail the package to us with your order number or name printed clearly on the outside of the package. As soon as we receive it, we'll process the refund.


If the paintings are damaged when you receive them please let us know immediately. From time to time parcels are damaged during shipping, and when that is the case we replace the painting.

If returning a painting please take care to ensure it is well packaged.

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   Shipping Policy...


Yes that is correct the price you see is the price you pay. There are no hidden fees. Shipping, insurance and all other costs are included and you will not be asked to pay any further fees. (Please note there may be some extra fees if major revisions are required to your painting which DIFFER from your initial instructions and/or photos sent to us*** but these cases are the exception.)

When packages are delivered damaged we’ll need you to inform the courier (UPS) at your end, so they can process the complaint and take photos of the damage and send the photos to us. But, as far as your painting is concerned, if it was damaged beyond repair or lost in transit (both rare occurrences, thankfully), we will immediately dispatch a replacement (or paint a new one for you if it was not one we had in stock).


Paintings that are unframed will be sent via courier rolled in a protective cardboard tube. This is completely safe and will cause absolutely no damage to your painting. Once you receive the painting it is ready for mounting or framing.

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